Best Desk Setup For Dual Monitor

Building Your Best Desk Setup for Dual Monitor

A desk setup for a dual monitor gives you more space to get things done when you work too many things together, such as coding, gaming, or video editing. The dual-monitor will also increase your productivity. You can easily attach two monitors using a desk mount stand to help you do your job much better and productively. If you are a programmer or gamer and have a dual monitor for this, this is a great way to get more out of your experience by showing you a bigger picture.

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Monitor UltraSharp 24-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor (DELL-U2419H)
Mount StandVIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand
Keyboard ANNE PRO 2
LaptopApple MacBook Air
LampBostitch Office VLF100 LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp
ChairHomall Office Chair

Technical Equipment for Dual Monitor Desk Setup

You will need many technical ornaments to set up dual monitors desk setup for example hardware, mouse, keyboard, monitor arm, etc. These must be of good quality. Now we will discuss how you can get these and set them up beautifully. So let’s get started.


UltraSharp 24-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor (DELL-U2419H) for dual monitor desk setup
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To set up a dual monitor, you must choose a good quality monitor. Now if two monitors are of the same size then it is much better. Because it will also help you to complete your work in a better way. You can place the monitor in different ways if you want, but it is much better if you put it in the same way.

So let’s talk about which monitor will be better. We think UltraSharp 24-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor (DELL-U2419H) is a good choice for a dual monitor desk setup. Because it has a 24-inch UltraSharp screen that will give you enough space to work. Since you will use a dual monitor, you will get a total of 24 + 24 = 48 inches wide screen which will increase your productivity to a higher level. Its panel is very thin (6.5mm) which will give you valuable desk space. This monitor is very easy to adjust so you can do it easily.

Mount Stand for Dual Monitor Desk Setup

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand for dual monitor desk stand

So after buying two monitors you will need a monitor stand which will help to keep these two monitors side by side. This monitor stand must be of good quality. Because if it is not of good quality, then if you keep two monitors side by side, it will look very annoying. So you must buy a good quality monitor stand. We advise you to buy VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand. Because it’s easy to install and you can adjust the arm very easily.

Some Features:

  • Fits 13″ To 27″ Screens
  • Compact Cable Management
  • Heavy-Duty C-Clamp
  • 360° Rotation
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy Installation

PC Setup for Dual Monitor Desk

pc for dual monitor desk setup

The main thing that comes to mind when setting up a desk is the PC. Because if the PC is not good then you still can’t get good performance from the computer. There will be many problems such as the slow running of the computer, long time to open, long time to install the software, etc. So you must make a good PC so that you do not have to face those problems. So what does it take to make a good PC? RAM, hard disk, graphics card, SSD, processor, and some more things. These must be of a good brand. Because if you don’t have a good brand, most of the time these are ruined quickly. So click here to buy all things PC-related.


ANNE PRO 2 for dual monitor desk setup

The keyboard is a very important element for desk setup. Because without a good keyboard, the working speed decreases a lot. No matter what profession you are in, a good keyboard will help you a lot when you work on the desktop. Speaking of the keyboard, the mechanical keyboard comes first. Because it will not only increase the speed of your work but also increase productivity. So we would advise you to buy a mechanical keyboard. You will find many types of mechanical keyboards in the market but we would recommend you to buy ANNE PRO 2.Because it is a very good product. Its build with a minimalistic design. It saves desk space and easy to carry. Perfect for home, office, and on the go.


  • Material: PBT
  • USB: USB Type-C Connection
  • Respons Time: 1ms
  • Battery Capacity: 1900mah
  • NKRO: Support
  • Keys Quantity: 61
  • Weight: 635g



Now let’s talk about the mouse. You must have a powerful mouse to speed up your work. Click here and buy the mouse you like.


 Apple MacBook Air

The laptop is a very important product for a dual monitor setup. The best advantage of a laptop is that it can be easily carried. You can do any of your work on the laptop. You can lie down, sit down and work as you wish. But your laptop must be of good quality, otherwise, you will not get good performance. So we recommend you buy Apple MacBook Air. This mac book is fast, smooth, and lightest. We have already written an article about it. Click here to see if you want.

Furniture Equipment for Dual Monitor Desk Setup

You have done all the technical equipment. Now let’s talk about the furniture equipment.


Bostitch Office VLF100 LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp

There are many things we need to keep in mind when setting up a beautiful desk setup. So to make a beautiful dual monitor desk setup you must have a lamp that will increase your productivity as well as keep your eyes cool. Many times sitting in front of the computer hurts our eyes but if there is good light then it does not happen. So you must set up good lighting. However, too much light again causes eye damage. So you must take a lamp that you can easily adjust so as not to damage your eyes. We think Bostitch Office VLF100 LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp is the best. Because it is a fully compatible and replaceable LED bulb. Its light goes far and it also has Versatile placement options.


Homall  Office Chair

The chair is a very important part of creating a dual monitor desk setup. If your chair is not of good quality then your body will suffer a lot. So you must choose a good chair. Homall Office Chair is the best chair. It is fully adjustable and comfortable. Its capacity is 300-pound and the chair is comfortable for you to watch shows, play computer games, do the work and have a rest. It will make your place more modern and cultured.



Since you will be setting up a dual monitor desk, you will definitely need a large table. And it must be of good quality. There are many good companies in the market who make good quality tables. You can purchase the table of your choice by clicking here.


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